Coaching & Training

What use is it to provide the best tools and technology if the teachers who receive them don’t have access to high-quality training that allows them to take advantage of all of ts benefits and use it effectively and efficiently?

Edu-zone provides the quality coaching and training associated with Apple Education.

We implement various courses and workshops that help train educational professionals in the use of technology to improve their instruction.

How does Edu-zone help schools implement our unique resources?

Edu-zone follows a step-by-step process to support schools as they implement new technology in the classroom.

Educational institutes contact Edu-zone and describe their needs.
Edu-zone’s APL* certified staff evaluates the institution’s current state and needs and develops a proposal to help the school implement the changes they desire.
Once the school has the hardware and software requested, APL trainers visit the site to coach teachers in the implementation of the devices in their classroom. Our professionals work with institutions to customize trainings so that teachers and administrators are comfortable with the use and management of educational technology.
Implementation & Planning
Edu-zone’s APL consultants design a plan for phases of implementation, evaluation and training throughout the process.
Ongoing Support
Edu-zone’s APL consultants are available for ongoing support as teachers and administrators dig deeper into the content and desire additional training or consulting.

*APL: Apple Professional Learning Specialist.