About us

At Edu-zone we work with educational institutions to help them incorporate technology into their teaching and learning practices. Technology is no longer optional, but it is part of the everyday life of schools, institutes, and universities.

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In Edu-zone we love to talk and write about how Apple technology helps teachers around the world increase class participation, unlock academic potential, and improve classroom dynamics.


Our team of professionals at Edu-zone is devoted to the creation of educational materials in iBook format. We are a team of graphic designers, programmers, illustrators, and educators with one objective: bring today’s children into tomorrow’s world. Through our Apple Education program we make learning sustainable and lifelong lasting.


The integration of technology into the classrooms requires training and follow-up so that the teachers follow best practices and feel safe introducing a new approach.

Our coaching process focuses on 3 aspects:

  • Teacher training
  • Assistance with lesson plans
  • Support towards achievement of goals

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